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Just arrived back to Beverly Hills and wanted to share with you the skin analysis I experienced with the unique Murad youth cam at the Murad skincare boutique. #muradskincare@muradskincare 

I often complain about my skin feeling a little dehydrated and occasionally experience open pores and always want to ensure my under eyes stay radiant, avoid puffiness and fine lines. 

The technology thoroughly analysed my skin to see where the concerns were and focus on a personalized facial and skin regime to target my concerns. 
Murad delivers a skincare wellness through cellular hydration. (the science of water) Igniting the skins most beautiful potential... delivering skin wellness. 
Now I’ve started using the right products to help bring my skin to the best it can be. 

My skin products: 

1- Exfoliating cleanser (used twice a week)
2- Renewing eye cream. (used daily)
3- Retinal youth renewal eye serum (used at night)
4- Essential C Day moisturizer SPF 30 (used daily)


Well Being Medical CENTER

You can achieve gorgeous skin at any age! 

Heard about the celebrity favorite Hollywood Peel? This carbon treatment is loved by Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Deni Kirkorova, etc

The customized Hollywood peel steps are:

• 1) A thorough facial cleansing.

• 2) Diamond exfoliation, in order to remove the outer layer of the skin and the impurities.

• 3) Nano Carbon Peel which uses a carbon lotion to assist in laser exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, stimulating new growth & collagen boost for an instant rejuvenated complexion.

• 4) The treatment continues with Spectra Laser strokes and special heat to close open pores, lighten up the freckles and rejuvenate the skin completely. 

• 5) The next step is Dermalux Light Therapy (Phototherapy):  About LED Phototherapy (Light Therapy) in Health Magazine 

No.1 in UK & the only one in UAE in Wellbeing Medical Centre using 1800 lights (comparing to regular devices using max 100 lights)


Dermalux™ LED Phototherapy is a non-invasive skin treatment that uses the power of natural light by energizing cells to repair quicker and rejuvenate faster.

Celebrities that use LED Phototherapy (& have mentioned it in the news):

Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Alba

Gwen Stefani

Kourtney Kardashian

Kate Hudson

The visible effects are immediate; Dermalux™ instantly awakens a tired and dull complexion. After just one treatment skin is incredibly hydrated, plump and radiant and redness and irritation is calmed.

• 6) the next step after the Light therapy is application of a mix of creams with vitamins for deep skin hydration along with a facial massage. 

As a resume, 

The Hollywood Peel reduces or eliminates the •appearance of pigment, •fine lines and •acne • acne scarring, lightens up freckles, pigmented moles, •pore reduction with long term results and achieves •skin tightening and •rejuvenation.

The Hollywood Peel has a baby-skin effect & healthy glow a day post treatment.

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