Getting to know Bali

This is the second time I've been to Bali but with a slight twist as I spent a hardcore three days with an intense program of "Getting to know Bali"

The photos speak for themselves with the beauty I was surrounded by but apart from the hotel being perfectly set in the middle of the jungle with a gorgeous pool to lounge hours in all day, I got to enjoy the forests and be a bit closer to nature.

Things to do in Bali:

- Visit the monkey forest for some fun & games, all ages

- Visit the elephant forest and get a bit more up close and personal with them whether it's to bathe them or ride with them in their habitat.

- Visit the temples, endless temples

- Head to a dancing show and get hypnotised by their traditional music and dance

- Visit the waterfalls, I didn't manage to go down and swim under the waterfalls but I was lucky enough to have a breathtaking view of them in the distance

- Tour the rice fields whether it is to go early with the locals or head to the top and enjoy the views and natural habitat

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