Rockstar fairytale wedding #Kanzozo2017

If you haven’t seen this couple and their wedding  (of the century, according to us) over social media, you have missed a lot like of things like : your dreams if they came to life, immense fun, superb wedding inspiration and of course, true love.

Zeynab El Helw & Mohamad Kanso tied the knot in a dreamy wedding in Barcelona, August 5th 2017. And it was a pure, rockstar fairytale!

Talking about “meant to be together” or “fate, destiny” Zeynab & Kanso are the perfect example! Both of them were born on the same day and the same year – April 24th, 1985. It has to be symbolic….

Zeynab & Kanso first met back in July 2015 in La Cantine du Fauboug where they find out that they actually had the same travel plans; both would be in Lebanon and Ibiza/ Barcelona at the same time. Fate took it’s course and they ended up joining forces with their common friends.

 It didn’t take that long for Kanso to take things to the next level. Six months after Spain, he prepared a magical surprise for Zeynab. Initially setting off as casual, he joined Zeynab for her business trip in Rome, from which they took their route to the Amalfi Coast, where he went down on one knee...and asked THE question! She said “Yes”! It was the perfect picture moment, that every girl dreams of, set in the stunning settings of the Italian coast. Everything was planned to perfection; after the moments of joy,  Zeynab and Kanso started celebrating away the occasion in Positano and Capri.

And soon came The Day! If you think the proposal was magical, you didn’t see the wedding!

Day 1! Dinner by the beach

Venue: Mamarosa

It was a cozy dinner with 80 loved ones of family and friends who gathered to celebrate the beginning of the festivities.  It had all that was needed: gorgeous views of the coastline, fusion of Mediterranean & Italian cuisine with cocktails & live music, all set in chic settings. Post dinner, the entire squad went to party the night away in a club.

Day 2 – Welcome Cocktail Party

Venue: One Ocean Club

First of all, important to mention the venue. The One Ocean Club is an astounding venue situated in the port of Barcelona, overlooking the sea, sun and yachts. Here, majority of the guest to attend the wedding (250 of them) turned the world into a crazy party. There was a live Spanish band playing at the reception, which was later overtaken by a DJ to liven things up.

It was an absolutely beautiful Spanish themed evening, with guests with flowers in their hair, ruffles and in gorgeous red dresses, and immense fun. You could simply feel the love in the air like electricity.

For the pre - wedding party Zeynab wore Maison Yeya (@maisonyeya), delicate lace bridal dress from "Les Réfugiés D'amour". Hair style was perfectly done by Richard Al Boustany ( @richardalboustany) and make up by Vianne Najeeb (@vianne_najeeb_mua)

 Day 3 – The Big Day!

 Venue - Venue Castel De Sant Marcal

They were ready to “RUMBLE” (yes, there was a boxing presenter voice announcing the entrances)... alongside the true fairytale setting: A cocktail vintage setup with a castle backdrop,  a piano bar, photo booth, swings, makeup and barber station, sangria bar, cocktail station and flower arches. Dinner set up was a whole other world aka another area: You had to walk down the castle to the lake and grass pitch with a mountain view, where there was a  luxury royal garden set up.

It was the one of the most breathtaking moments: the bride’s entrance. Zeynab gracefully walked down a enormous staircase coming down the castle with the perfect theme song playing in the backdrop. She literally floated onto a special catwalk, built over the middle of the lake where her father was waiting for his beautiful daughter, to pass her hand to Kanso.

Once the touching moments were beyond, came the crazy party! The main DJ’s for the event were famous DJ Gaby from Lebanon and DJ Orhan Mahmut from Turkey. Imagine bashing to the tunes of worlds number 1 hit "FEEL" in your wedding gown with the love of your life... The energy of the celebrations were such, that everyone was laughing and embracing every moment. By the time of cake-cutting in the agenda, everyone had taken off their heels and jackets, and was feeling so relaxed and enjoyable that all rehearsals were forgotten and it was pure moment of joy. From that point, the wedding flowed in it’s true essence of beauty, love and pleasure.

The happily married couple were dancing to their favourite songs and giggling hysterically from all the energy and love. Another amazing memory was when everyone shifted to the afterparty for which there were customised Barcelona football t-shirts prepared for all the guests. The transformation from the galant outfits and gowns, to t-shirts with the girls turning the tops into skirts and crop tops - can’t be described in any other way than ‘EPIC’! There is a photo of 200 wedding guest in Barcelona t-shirts.

Day 4 – White Party

Venue – Bestial.

Next day, there was an all white party brunch by the beach in Bestial, that once again all the guests attended, as the party continued. Everyone came dressed in white, the party held flower crowns, fans, the Barcelona t-shirts, customized espadrilles with Zeynab’s and Kanso’s initials on them and sunglasses for all the guests.

Every love story is beautiful, but #Kanzozo is one of a kind!!

Wedding Details:

  1. The Wedding Venue Castel De Sant Marcal
  2. The Size of the Wedding approx 300 guests
  3. The Wedding Planner Paul Nasr
  4. The flowers for each event
  5. Bride and Groom’s Rings from Tiffany
  6. Wedding Photography by Joseba_Sandoval
  7. Wedding Cake from Lolita Bakery
  8. Bride’s hair and make-up done by Hair : Richard El Boustany , Makeup : Vianne Najeeb
  9. Food station set up: Aspic catering
  10. Zeynab's Wedding Dress : Zuhair Murad, Shoes: Christian Loubutin 
  11. Kanso's suit and shoes : Dior

Taya Al Hakim 

If you wanna see more (and I'm sure you want more)  just head to Instagram and type to "search tag" #Kanzozo2017 :)


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