Picturesque perfection in Positano

My definition of Positano is: Perfection in a photo! This place was such a new taste I did not put my camera down for a minute (or shall we say iPhone).. the best part of it was when reaching the little island (if it is even called an island as it is so small and cute) you see from far away all these pretty coloured boxes hovering on a mountain until we got closer to the bay, the boxes turned into houses and hotels, so colorful as if it is all drawn in..


What a view really this was the highlight of my trip.. So dreamy, so romantic and so intimate.. the perfect place for a couple celebrating their love, a couple who want to see new things or literally anyone who wants to get inspired by all the creativity. The good thing is that you don’t need to spend much time there as it is a small and walking around is easy.


The best part of the trip was stepping off the boat, having our luggage flung into a little go-cart and then searching the busy atmospheric town centre for our hotel between tight winding roads which only cater to pedestrians. It really makes it family oriented when no cars are allowed and we are all on foot in the safety of the zone. 


Many of the hotel views are quite similar in terms of setting, with a beautiful Church centred and a mountain of colorful houses dispersed as the incredible balcony view. I highly recommend Le Serenuse, intimate and pretty!! As for the food in this hotel, I was completely blown awayt, it was insanely delicious! 

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