This trip was short but better than sweet!! A kickass wellness resort retreat... the best of both worlds! 

I flew out to a magical resort (about an hour away from Bodrum airport) where I experienced an unforgettable and beyond relaxing trip; only kicking myself that I didn't have a few more days to fully switch off, 

Now this should relate to most of you as we all share busy crazy lives in one way or another - whether it's with school, uni, corporate work or setting up your own challenges - in my case working up blocks to have my my own business at the level I want it to be and learning more on an entrepreneurial level ... which feels never ending !! Sky's the limit in my case and yours !! ... 

And this place canyon ranch (kaplankaya) was just the place to help me create, contemplate and chill!! While framing goals and having my ME ME ME time!! I base a good trip by observing whether I'm regenerated with inspiration and this place was just that!! A major success rate :) 

I literally felt deserted between three beaches, pools and mountains, completely experiencing the outdoors !! Yes do all need ONLY that at times.. 

The full day schedule would consist of waking up at 6am to go hyking while the sun rises, a healthy breakfast, gym sessions with personalised trainers, hardcore specialised swimming, Pilates class, informative classes on mind body and soul, special personalised cooking with head chefs, facials, body massages & round the clock hamam services, yoga at sunset... I'm out of breath trying tel you all about it!! 

And so much more... not to forget enjoying the luxuries of this place.. and the beautiful sea it's engulfed by :)

They even have a built in cosy hospital style wing where you can learn more about yourself ;for instance I had my sleeping pattern analysed to see how to help me have a better sleep... that's just one example among many. 

To sum up this all round centre newly opened in July this year; a jam packed day with an itinerary personalised to meet your needs and full fledge wellness sessions and talks so you leave with plenty of knowledge ... now that is exhilarating :)

Everything about this place was unique and the staff were so friendly almost like friends :))

There we have it .. a beautiful getaway for a perfect relaxation hub very well needed!! 

Check it out, I promise you; you won't be disappointed x