Barcelona !!! What a vibe, what a city!!

The mere fact the town city is engulfed by a beach and a beach that curves back into the town is MAGIC in itself!!

I love this city and want to get married here !!! The rooftop restaurants, the architecture, the history and my love of food makes me feel at home in Barcelona!! My taste buds are already watering when thinking of the traditional paella I had there!!

All in all, I spent a week in Barcelona and alternated between two hotels,

W Hotel - most probably the best views on the beach as its on the corner bend of the bay which overwhelms you with breathtaking postcard perfection. It also is fantastic that you have two great pools situated at the ends of the deck to provide you an infinity pool which is more secluded and a main pool which gets the party started early. And ofcourse let us not forget the bars located on the top of W for a very fun atmosphere - the lobby itself is full of energy & life!

The hotel restaurants are top notch situated on the deck and on the ground level giving you a 30 seconds walking access to the private beach area an a strip to enjoy the positive energy of passerby, a stretch of public beach where you find all sorts of activities happening and restaurants to park in for all occasions!

Arts Ritz Hotel  - This hotel is centred within this find strip and is around 15 mins walking distance from W absorbing the stunning seafront with a very luxurious feel with different perks such as a beautiful garden to relax in, and anchoring its entrance with Frank Gehry's iconic fish sculpture.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel - I mention this hotel simply because I spent the evening there on their famous rooftop bar Terrat which blew my mind floating on the tips of Barcelona where I witnessed an incredible sunset! Moreover, if you're interested in hitting the town then this hotel is highly recommended with a very delightful decor interior.