Fashions meets Fitness

This is officially the first proper article announcing the collaboration with @omaralduri at Plaform 3 fitness in Dubai!! 
I have the pleasure of teaming up with Omar who like me grew up in london and he went on to grow his passion for health fitness and nutrition by setting up an aspiring facility with all his aspirations all under one roof! A temple full of rare materials that have really become a concrete powerhouse in the Middle East.
This guys unstoppable, teaming up with schools, travelling the world with international athletes and learning from some of the best!!! 
It's no ordinary gym as it has as one of a kind set up and is highly restricted to devoted professionals who have a taste for taking care of their bodies in a holistic way.
The gym offers a variety of functions serving the purpose of a chill-out remedy booster, while challenging your inner mindset to understanding the sciences at a deeper level while making you leave each session understanding and knowing facts about yourself and others that you never really thought of.
What caught my attention, was that it is really an environment bringing knowledge and creativity together by mixing techniques with special tools which lift and let your energy levels run to extremes!! 
I have looped a video of methods we concentrated on to kick start the collab by focusing on a 10 min workout split into 4 quick, easy yet effective exercises that work the whole body! Baring in mind we all struggle to manage our schedules this surge of energy can be done by anyone!
Check it out: 
Step 1: using resistance bands - I picked a small space and did some work to tone and strengthen my gluteus.Great for toning and sculpting and doesn't require much time before you feel the burn!3 sets of these in whatever space you have (make it challenging) and you really feel it!
Step 2: not everyone can do pull ups so I used the gravity machine to help me gradually lift my own weight to strengthen my back and arms.No weights required just own body weight .I managed to lift up to 50% of my own body weight! 3 x 20 reps!
Step 3: I warmed up on some basic squats-making sure my posture and technique were on form before progressing to plyometric (jumps) squats! 3 x 20 reps!
Step 4: I wanted to work out my core so did an advanced plank using different weighted objects!
3  x 3 transfers (back and forth =1)

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